Usher Teases “GLU” Single & Music Video Starring Lori Harvey
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Usher Teases “GLU” Single & Music Video Starring Lori Harvey

New releases from Usher have been a rarity in recent years. Thankfully, today (February 14), the R&B starlet his fans know that he’s back. In a teaser shared on various social media platforms, he previewed an upcoming release called “GLU.” While the song has undeniably caught our attention, excitement is also swirling because the singer tapped a famous beauty to star in the accompanying visual.

Presently, the Texas native is preparing for his return to Sin City. After taking some time off to rest and recharge, he’ll be performing for audiences at his Las Vegas residence once again later this month. Audiences have been loving the show Usher previously put together. However, it’s practically guaranteed that he’ll be bringing new material with him this time around. While teasing the new arrival to followers on TikTok, he wrote, “You’ll thank me later. GLU. #SlowJams #Black Music.”

As sultry sounding as ever, the 44-year-old sings, “I just love that glue / It gets all on you / All on me” in the teaser. While his beautiful voice rings out, Lori Harvey appears on screen, her perfectly sculpted figure shown from various angles. As the brief video comes to an end, we briefly see the model’s face. Her hair is styled in a short, blunt bob, and her makeup looks on point as always.

Ty Dolla $ign and La La Anthony are both looking forward to the release, according to Usher’s Instagram comment section. Several followers are rejoicing as well, leaving replies like “Stop playing with the King of R&B” and “Lawd, I ran to Apple Music so fast. Where is the rest? Stop teasing us.”

Lovers of the multi-talent have been desperately waiting for news of new music from him. Last year, he spoke with PEOPLE about his future career plans, teasing, “In COVID, while we have been in quarantine, my ideas changed. I actually learned new things. I was able to really be reflective and find out what things matter and really have some true, honest, deep conversations with people and myself, to take some ownership of some of where my life has gone and some of the things that I’ve come through.”

As for Harvey, she’s mostly been waking waves due to her romantic relationship with Snowfall‘s Damson Idris. The two went public recently, and have been regularly spotted out and about together since. Read more about the young lovers here, and check back later for updates on Usher’s upcoming single.


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