Tyga’s Latest Music and Cinematic Video “Fantastic”
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Tyga’s Latest Music and Cinematic Video “Fantastic”

“Reebok that beat, I’m just tryna make a classic. Dressed in Prada and I look fantastic”

Tyga is out with his new song “Fantastic” and the beat is dirty. What fans love is how the fast paced life he lives reflects his the music he puts out. From the beginning with songs such as “Faded” and collaboration with Chris Brown in “Deuces”, his music was put on the map and your average party person’s weekend theme. The rapper has released several songs that turn up the vibe in any setting, and rose to the top quickly. A few awards given to Tyga include a Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration and the Soul Train Music Award Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. 

In addition to the Single release, a well thought out, cinematic black and white music video is now on YouTube to follow. Tyga performs to the camera with girls in bikinis etc dancing and hanging out. He is with his boys at the pool in the perfect summer setting.

Check out the new song and video, out now!

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