The Realest Baddest Demi is Here with “Holy Fvck”
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The Realest Baddest Demi is Here with “Holy Fvck”

Superstar singer Demi Lovato is back on her grind with new album “Holy Fvck”. The new album fits Demi’s new style perfectly, full of rock & roll, belting, and grunge. Her updated and darker vibe truly fits her brand and everything she’s wanted to appear as to the world. 

Slowly over the last ten years, the singer has showed us glimpses of her true personality. Breaking away from the Disney image starting with the hit Single “Cool for the Summer” where she insinuates a shift in sexuality. Her confidence shined through with new music such as the literal song and album “Confident” back in 2015.

Recently, the artist has opened up about regrets in making multiple documentaries regarding her challenges with substance abuse. While Demi said she used the documentaries to help explain what she was going through at certain periods in her life, the Disney Channel alum admits she may have jumped the gun in getting to a point of reflection.

“I wish I would have waited until I had my shit figured out more because now it’s cemented,” Demi shared to Alternative Press. “Sobriety is what works for me and nothing else.”

Demi’s new look with dark short hair and even the album cover has her in the middle of a cross, colors red and black eminent is the epitome of a brand new diva out to play. Her song “Happy Ending” from the latest album “Holy Fvck” is a raw song about finding true happiness. The lyrics start out “I met God just for a minute, Sat in his house, took a look around. And I saw I didn’t fit in”. 

The album is powerful and we can’t wait to see how this season continues to blossom for her and her comeback.

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