The Music Industry is Heating Up with Jay Belly
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The Music Industry is Heating Up with Jay Belly

From the tri-state area of Jersey and New York, founder of Belly Ventures, Jay Belly, has
mastered the art of production and marketing. He dove deep into the music industry shortly after
completing college and from there and tapped heavily into branding and marketing. He began to work with rap artists and professional athletes through marketing and endorsements, which he found extremely satisfying. Ultimately, he solidified his path intertwining music, sports, and investments.

Jay Belly was always focused on being a great entrepreneur as well as his own boss. On the
music label side, he feels like he has the next big thing on his hands. He just signed Pancho, YouTube star turn musician who just released his first single, titled Who Am I. This can currently be found on all music platforms. Sports and music weren’t his only passions though. Jay Belly now makes technology and crypto investments in promising startups to stay ahead of the game to change the world. He not only wants to be a part of it, he wants to be at the forefront of it. Belly Ventures has built phenomenal rapport by serving as proud investors of multiple companies.

Genies gives people the opportunity to express themselves in a digital world. Flow Water, a
natural alkaline water, with a smooth and crisp taste, from Artesian springs, is based in Canada. Owning a stake in the New Zealand Breakers and taking pride in their playing for the National Basketball League. Preparing to launch League Stock with sports agent, Aaron Turner. This is similar to a sports betting application but instead of betting on the players, consumers would be able to own their own shares of players. And their most current success with investing with Elon Musk in his SpaceX company to owning the rights to the feature film, The Jorge Valdes Story.

Jay Belly is in grind mode and with that the possibilities are endless. Belly Ventures has hired music
industry veteran Raheem Powell as President, and also signed veteran super hip hop Producer Wiz On Da Track to lead the music side.

He has undefeated drive is fueled the avenues he has created and nourished. Belly Ventures is an
accomplishment that Jay Belly is extremely proud of. He will continue to work hard and create to ensure that Belly Ventures is here for the long run.

FB: BellyVentures
IG: Belly.Ventures

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