Cultural Harmonies and Artistic Ventures: The Melodic Journey of Shannon K

Cultural Harmonies and Artistic Ventures: The Melodic Journey of Shannon K

Who: Shannon K. is a singer and actor from India by way of London. Music was inherited in her as she was always surrounded by it and grew up listening to various kinds of music. She spent her childhood in London and was fascinated with western culture and music, so she would listen to people like Adele, The Beatles, Mariah Carey, Céline Dion, and Whitney Houston which are some of her inspirations as well. She attended The Royal Academy of Music in London where she received basic ear training for music. She also acted at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. 

Shannon K at the Cannes Film Festival 2023


Current Projects: She came to the US to debut her first single with Pooh Bear, Justin Bieber’s super producer. The title of that song is ‘A Long Time’ which was released in 2018. She went on to create tons of animation projects for beautiful crowds and realized that people really did like her music and her as an artist. She collaborated with producer Kyle Townsend who has worked with some of the most prestigious artists in the history. With the help of her sister, Annabel, Shannon K. wrote an anti bullying song called ‘Give Me Your Hand.’ The music video for it received the Best Original Song at the Hollywood Music and Media Awards. Her song ‘Run’ shows the beautiful merge of her two cultures the visual for it was filmed in India at historical palaces and ancient forts while the other footage for it was shot in Los Angeles. In the last few years she has and will play roles in The Big Feed, Social Mandiya, and Rolling.

Photo by Miezeer Images – Mike Ricardo


Her Style: Shannon K. incorporates her roots and heritage and bridges the two cultures. While creating her works, she was exploring herself as an artist and also with her music. She realized what her niche really was and what she needed to do to set herself apart from others and at the same time, push her brand. After being offered an opportunity to record a song for a movie potential was seen and she was asked to cast for a row in the movie as well. It was a comedy and she also has done a couple of commercials as well. 

Photo by Miezeer Images – Mike Ricardo


Upcoming Projects: She is working on a television series called The Mystical Inheritance of Adina Hassan with actor Ryan Kelley. Shannon K. is also cultivating a short film based on mental health called ‘Rolling.’ She will also play a role in a movie called Hindi Vindi, which was filmed in Sydney Australia by Australian based production. Positive feedback and requests has pushed her into releasing one or two singles soon after stepping into Bollywood that will be coming to the airwaves sooner than you expect.

Her Vision: Shannon K.’s s ultimate goal is to be a successful and influential artist that inspires the younger generation. She wants to use her skill in its elements to heal people and spread positivity and awareness about serious issues that could change the world. Her songs and acting opportunities give her the opportunity to make changes in the community. Her biggest inspiration by far are her parents, mainly her father. He is a legend in Bollywood as a singer and spent 40 years of his career contributing to the Indian cinema. She learned a lot of great things from him that has gotten her to where she is today. He had it rough, but he pushed through and fought to come out on the brighter side of life. 

Shannon K.’s music can be found on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Her movie projects can be found on Amazon and in theaters in India currently, to be streaming in the US at a later date.


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