The Hot GloRilla and Cardi B Track We’ve Been Anticipating
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The Hot GloRilla and Cardi B Track We’ve Been Anticipating

Rapper Cardi B released new song “Tomorrow 2” with new rap artist GloRilla and it certainly is a treat to hear a collaboration from these two baddies. A new song and a poppin’ video to go along with it, there is a whole lot of energy.

GloRilla has been in the game for a few years, however, just in the last few months is making a name for herself and paving her way in the industry. Recent songs you may know of hers are “F.N.F.” or “Sneaky Leak” which was a collaboration with YCR Los. Her distinctive voice puts her on a new level that blows other rappers out of the water. 

Having Cardi B’s influence on GloRilla’s status in entertainment and making a hot song like “Tomorrow 2” is only the beginning of her career popping off. Essentially, Cardi B joined “Tomorrow 2” and it is a follow up to GloRilla’s Single “Tomorrow”. Opening lyrics set the tone for the two women to express confidence:


(Cheese, his name is Cheese)

They say they don’t fuck with me (Cheese), but I say they can’t fuck with me

Just like the air, I’m everywhere, how you say it’s up with me?


The music video is the girls with friends, dancing, partying in the streets and in stores, on the subway, in a convertible car having a blast. Performing to the camera in certain scenes with each other and vibe each other’s energy keeps things entertaining.


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