“The Score” By Tabiyus Is the Debut Single from His Upcoming Album “Black Diamonds”
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“The Score” By Tabiyus Is the Debut Single from His Upcoming Album “Black Diamonds”

Tabiyus is a one-of-a-kind artist who genuinely puts his heart, soul, thoughts, and experience into his music. His latest single “The Score” takes on a new angle for his brand than the other music he’s released. With unwavering passion and unyielding dedication, every lyric was meticulously crafted, every note painstakingly perfected, as he channeled his deepest emotions and experiences from a recent romantic relationship into the music. Tabiyus invites his audience to embark on an intimate voyage through his inner world. This new creation isn’t just a song—it’s a piece of their essence, a reflection of their journey and growth. We wanted to find out more:


  1. What inspired you to create this new song?

I was motivated to create “The Score” by a real-life story. The song paints a picture of a rocky relationship where two people are always arguing and throwing verbal punches. The main character, much like myself, is tired of the emotional ups and downs and just wants to understand why they’re stuck in this cycle. The chorus captures the confusion and frustration of not getting what the other person wants, and the bridge focuses on how mixed signals from a partner make you question if their love is genuine.

Overall, “The Score” reflects the struggle of trying to fix a bad relationship but eventually realizing it’s time to move on. The song draws from my own experiences with recent toxic relationships that I needed to let go of, making it a very personal release for me.

  1. How does this song differ from your previous releases, both musically and 


This new song stands apart from my previous releases both in terms of its musical style and its underlying theme. To give you a glimpse, my earlier track “Watch” served as a reintroduction, unveiling my artistic direction for the year. Another piece, “Dance For Me,” embodies a celebration of seizing the present, while “Heartbeat” revolves around self-belief and introspection. These songs are crafted as anthems, resonating with a powerful and uplifting essence that characterizes my writing.

But let’s talk about ‘The Score.’ This one’s a whole different vibe. It’s like that moment when you’re in a relationship, and it’s all crazy – the ups, the downs, those heated arguments. This song, it’s like pouring out all those tangled emotions into the music.

Unlike my previous stuff that had us living in the moment, embracing freedom, and finding ourselves, ‘The Score’ goes deep into relationship territory. It’s about that struggle to let go, even when it feels like you’re swimming against the current. It’s that instant when you decide, ‘Enough is enough,’ and you take charge of your own path.

So, yeah, while my earlier tracks were Anthem-style records, ‘The Score’ flips the script and dives headfirst into the real-life stuff. It’s like a fresh breeze, a new perspective that stands out from what I’ve done before.”

  1. What was the process in making this song? Can you share any behind-the-scenes anecdotes or interesting moments during the song’s creation?

Let me take you behind the curtain into the making of this track – it’s quite the tale. So, picture me heading over to meet my good friend Clejan, the trap violinist, on Sunset Blvd. Little did I know, destiny had a surprise in store. As I walked into the meeting, there they were – two incredible producers, Misha Davidson and Eli Kronvet, crafting this mind-blowing beat. I heard it, and let me tell you, it was one of those moments where you just feel the universe aligning and telling you, “This is yours.”

Without missing a beat, I practically sprinted to the recording booth, catching that wave of inspiration and laying down the top line. Around that same time, I was in collaboration mode with an immensely talented songwriter, Matthew Clanton. We joined forces on this one too, and that’s when the real magic started brewing. This track became the birthplace of my distinct sound, and it’s incredible how things fell into place.

 There’s a twist – both Eli and Matthew? They go way back to college days! It’s like the stars were conspiring, right? Only God could put everything together the way it happened. I remember sharing the song with my best friend Aaron Dominguez. You would’ve thought this was his song the way he was playing it.  He played that rough cut on repeat for a whole week, pushing me to layer it up, refine the details. It’s these moments that make you realize there’s something truly extraordinary about a song.

You know, as an artist, you’re constantly recording, and it’s like a mystery which one will strike a chord and why. But with this one, I had this gut feeling from the get-go that it was an important record for my career.  

  1. Is there a particular message or story you want to convey through this song?

Absolutely, this song holds a meaningful message. It’s all about being tuned in to the signs in your relationships. You know, using that discernment to figure out what adds up and what just doesn’t click. And most importantly, it’s about taking action – if something doesn’t feel right, it’s okay to step away. It’s like a call to pay attention, to trust your gut, and to have the courage to move on if that’s what’s best for you. It’s about empowerment and making those tough decisions for your own well-being.

  1. How has your personal growth and experiences influenced the lyrics or composition of this song?

This song really showcases a shift in my personal growth and experiences. I immersed myself deeper into the world of traditional R&B, and in doing so, I had to go through a process. It was about finding that pocket within the music that would perfectly carry the story.

The composition of this song, with its intentional spaces and nuances, allowed me to really tell a story. It’s like a turning point in my musical journey, where I started to focus on crafting narratives through my music – real, raw human stories that resonate on a deeper level. This track is a reflection of that growth, a chapter that marks a significant mark on how I express myself through my art.

  1. What keeps you inspired as you continue on your music career journey?

The journey in my music career is fueled by a few powerful sources of inspiration. First and foremost, it’s incredible music. When I come across great tracks, when I collaborate with exceptional producers, it pushes me forward to a deeper understanding of myself and sound. 

Moreover, it’s this belief that music can truly be a spectrum of emotions and experiences. It can be an exhilarating joyride, a raw and honest confessional, a moment of vulnerability, or even a source of frustration. It’s this dynamic range that keeps me excited and motivated, knowing that there’s endless potential to explore and express. 

Above all, it’s that hope that through my music, I can create something that resonates, connects with people, and brings a diverse range of feelings and moments to life. That’s what keeps me driven and inspired every step of the way.

  1. Do you have any upcoming events, projects, or tours you’d like to highlight?

“The Score” is just the beginning – it’s the debut single from my upcoming album titled “Black Diamonds.” This album is more than just a collection of tracks; it’s a reflection of life’s highs and lows, a musical journey that weaves through a tapestry of emotions.

I’m genuinely stoked about the road ahead. Over the next year and a half, I’ll be embarking on a journey to bring this album to life in a way that’s both emotional and fulfilling. It’s like inviting you all to join me on this incredible ride, and trust me, we’re only getting started. The music, the stories, the energy – it’s all going to come together to create something truly memorable. 


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