Surprise Visit at the Laker Game by Tree Thomas
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Surprise Visit at the Laker Game by Tree Thomas

Music artist Tree Thomas Showed up to the Laker pre-season game at the Chase Center in the Bay Area the other night to show his support in the battle against the Warriors. The musician was seen on the floor with the other players exchanging handshakes and hugs with a few of the players. 

Thomas is a rising star with the creative mind and flow to get to the top. In case you haven’t heard his music, his recent album “Sxgns” is an incredible masterpiece of collective songs, each song representing one of the twelve zodiac sign.

Each song has a different vibe to suit your mood or even relate to your actual birth sign. The artist continues to create new music such as “Pink Hat” which was released in July and makes his way in Hollywood.

More to come. 


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