Social Media Elevated Charlie Puth’s Latest Song
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Social Media Elevated Charlie Puth’s Latest Song

During an interview for an episode of “On the Record” Puth opens up about his music career saying, “It honestly feels the same but with more people watching…I’ve always wanted to be musically informative and inspiring for people to make music themselves.”

Puth  goes on to say that during the pandemic because he was alone with his thoughts, he put those thoughts into lyrics and music around the lyrics. He expresses that this process is different from how he usually goes about writing, however, a beautiful new single came from this new creative process.

By utilizing social media and allowing the world into his music studio this made the music even better. The songs we’ve heard throughout his career have depth, a story, and so much soul in the way he works his voice. The best songwriters are honest with their experiences and translating it into their songs, and Puth does just that in the new single “Left and Right”. The song is also a collaboration with artists BTS and Junh Kook.

The artist process of creating new music is never easy, but with the help of online fans and the ability to utilize social media to its fullest, more and more singers are creating a career from their phones. This is the way of the future and can motivate more artists to put their music on social platforms for more exposure.

Check out Charlie Puth’s latest single available on all platforms.

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