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Septimius The Great

After going through a really bad breakup, Septimius wanted to reinvent himself as a music artist. He took his past experiences, love for modeling and fashion, and coupled it with his involvement in the underground house music scene and decided to make music. He didn’t coin himself a rapper or singer, but he wanted to create a song, which birthed I Am Fashion, featuring Septimius chanting to dance music. He didn’t plan on continuing to make music, but he had so much fun recording his first song, he kept going. He knew he needed a stage name and while doing research he stumbled upon Rome’s first African Emperor Lucius Septimius Severus. This is when Septimius decided to re-create the emperor’s image. Baltimore native, Grammy-nominated, Septimius had a background in modeling in fashion


shows and bought different pieces from various designers. With that, Septimius had already secured his wardrobe and decided on his look, but his sound came from his love of house music. He went on to create I Am Fashion 2.0 and that was his first time working with another writer in the studio. He wanted his music to be danceable, tell his listeners about the real Septimius, and make music that made other people feel good. He isn’t your ordinary artist though. He has released his debut EP titled The New Rome as well as his first album titled To the Emperor. Now instead of recording albums, he releases singles every January and June as that sets his standards going into the next year. He is now working on visuals for all of his songs. For Septimius, it isn’t always about lyrics. He’s a feel-good person and he wants to be to move his listeners more than anything else. He lets the beat speak to him first, so he can decide what story he wants to tell.

Music isn’t the only venture that Septimius is tapping into. Recently, he was sought out by a London author who wrote a book called Severance Black Caesar and needed a lead actor for his series. Three seasons with eight episodes each have already been written and Septimius negotiated his image, landing the cover and having his music featured in the first season of the series. He is currently filming teasers and working on the 15-minute trailer to pitch to HBO, HBO Max, Netflix, and Amazon. In addition to live performances, music videos, and radio interviews, Septimius has also become an influencer working for different companies to promote products via social media, videos, and pictures. Being featured in supporting roles that are currently being filmed and are in production are part of Septimius’s current journey and we will be seeing much more of him in films at the end of this year.

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