Sam Smith gives breathtaking performance at same-sex marriage act signing
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Sam Smith gives breathtaking performance at same-sex marriage act signing

Sam Smith gave an unforgettable performance at today’s same-sex marriage act Singing at the White House. The event was one of the most important days in history as it celebrated the hard-fought victory for same-sex marriage rights. 

As Smith blessed the crowd of thousands, President Biden signed the ‘Respect for Marriage’ Act into law.  The award winning artist performed his hit song “Stay With Me” in the most moving performance. Smith’s lyrics were more poignant and powerful than ever as he sang on stage in front of the thousands of supporting Americans in person and millions of people watching around the world live. The atmosphere was electric as everyone was completely silent and transfixed by this young man who seemed so vulnerable yet powerful singing his heart out about his own personal experience with love. 

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It has been years in the making for the country making strides to make same-sex marriage equal in the United States, and history has been made today.  President Biden officially wrote the ‘Respect for Marriage’ Act into law, created an environment  and a “future where gay Americans can live as openly”, the president said at the bill’s signing ceremony this morning. This is not only good for the LGBTQ+ community but it is good for America as a society.

The future of same sex marriage is setting the tone for Gen Z and future children of the United States. People in favor of same-sex marriage are now more confident than ever that their values will win out over time, but opponents are growing louder in opposition to them. Currently, 31 states have legalized same-sex marriage, with many more considering a change in law to allow it. If this trend continues, there will soon be few places left where one cannot marry whomever they want to marry (pending any religious restrictions). Same sex marriages may become as common as hetero marriages in the near future if not already!

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