Russ New Song “That Was Me”
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Russ New Song “That Was Me”

Singer and rapper Russ released his new song “That Was Me” that is a great vibe going into the Fall Season (Bae Season).

This song seems different for the artist as he gives glimpses into his past, overcoming financial struggles and taking care of his family. Lyrics hit hard and dive deep into how hard he works.

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“You know that was me, stayin’ up, puttin’ work in

Makin’ sure my family was good, we were hurtin’

Dad lost his job, bank tried to take the house

Mom lost her mind, I was tryin’ to make it out

You know that was me who came through when it mattered”


In the first place, it can be challenging for songwriters to write as it is not a simple task, let alone to write about subjects close to home. Though enjoyable and rewarding, it gets deep especially knowing the world will hear it. The strongest songs come from real life experience. 

In a previous interview with radio station 105.1 Breakfast Club, Russ says, “It’s not about me, it’s about who I’m impacting.”

At the end of the day this is what’s most important for artists. The singer’s new song is definitely one for the books. Check it out on any platform, out now.

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