Robert Abernathy is Rising in Country Music World with new Album ‘Somewhere Around 18’
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Robert Abernathy is Rising in Country Music World with new Album ‘Somewhere Around 18’

Robert Abernathy’s musical journey has been a fascinating ride of passion and dedication. Raised in Gadsden, Alabama, Robert’s early exposure to music was through Southern Gospel and Traditional Country. His musical sense took a remarkable turn after he received Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ record as a Christmas gift one year. He delved into his emerging passion, teaching himself to play music on an old Mickey Mouse acoustic guitar with a Mel Bay chord book. Songs from the band, Alabama and The Eagles were his first go-to pieces and by the time he was 16, Robert had learned to play and sing well enough to dream big.

Today, Robert is realizing his youthful dream of performing regularly on Nashville’s Lower Broadway, a hub for musicians from around the world. His eyes shine brightly as he relays his journey of becoming the lead singer and frontman to The US #1 Eagles Tribute show, Eagle Sunrise Band, and the Alabama Tribute show, Alabama Sunset. On any given night, he can be found basking in spotlight on the stages of legendary venues like Legends Corner, The Stage, Second Fiddle, Wildhorse Saloon, Dawghouse Saloon, and Tin Roof.

Robert is also promoting his much-anticipated new album, “Somewhere Around 18”. Dedicatedly working with various songwriters over the years, he has amassed more than 25 mesmerizing tunes. At first, he envisaged releasing the songs as singles or even a series of EPs, but upon revisiting each track, he realized they all deserved an audience and thus, weaved them into his new album.

After meticulous selection, 18 songs that felt radio-ready made the cut. As Robert puts it, “They are all different from each other but just haven’t grown weary on my ears just yet. Overall, it’s about reminiscing on old times with friends back when we were 18 years old and the stupid stuff we used to do.” His favorites include “Heaven Has a Radio” – a song filled with personal meaning, and tracks such as “Out of the Blue”, “A Little Tied Up,” “Beach Looks Good on You” and “Redneck Magic”.

Despite his thriving music career, Robert missed his days as a teacher and took up a job at a school just outside of Nashville this year, teaching Kindergarten through 5th Grade P.E. His return to teaching has filled him with unparalleled joy, and his students eagerly look forward to his classes each day.

Robert Abernathy’s musical journey reflects his determination and love for music. Gathering his life experiences, he has created an album that evokes nostalgia and passion, resonating with listeners while remaining a true reflection of Robert himself.

As he continues his journey on Lower Broadway, performing night after night and sharing his music with the world, he is evident evidence that dreams do come true, especially when you hold an undying passion for them. With his new album “Somewhere Around 18,” Robert Abernathy is not just reminiscing his past but also creating a musical legacy that speaks volumes about his journey.

Check out Robert’s new album “Somewhere Around 18” on Spotify. Follow his inspiring journey on Instagram.


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