Robert Abernathy: A Country Music Star Who Never Gave Up
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Robert Abernathy: A Country Music Star Who Never Gave Up

Robert Abernathy’s journey to becoming a country music star is one of passion, persistence, and talent. From his early days strumming a Mickey Mouse guitar to his recent success as a finalist at the Josie Music Awards, Abernathy has never wavered in his pursuit of his dream.

Born and raised in Alabama, Abernathy’s love of music began in childhood. At a young age, he picked up a guitar and started learning chords from his favorite bands, including Diamond Rio, Alabama, Eagles, and Restless Heart. Over the years, his passion for music only grew stronger.

In high school, Abernathy formed a band. While their initial performances were far from perfect, they continued to practice and improve. In 1995, their hard work paid off when they won first place at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. This early success gave Abernathy a taste of what it could be like to make a career in music.

However, Abernathy’s career took a detour when he decided to become a teacher. He spent the next 25 years teaching seventh grade, even though he never stopped playing music on the side. He even had the opportunity to perform at the Grand Ole Opry again in 2003.

In 2020, Abernathy’s big break finally came. Someone discovered his music and offered him a residency in Nashville. Abernathy was hesitant to leave his teaching job, but his school principal supported his decision to pursue his musical dreams.

With his newfound freedom, Abernathy began performing more frequently and writing more songs. In 2018, he won the title of Alabama Male Country Artist of the Year at the Alabama Music Awards Show. In 2023, he made it to the top among 59,000 submissions at the Josie Music Awards as a finalist for three prestigious categories:

  • Modern Country Male Artist of the Year
  • Modern Country Male Vocalist of the Year
  • Entertainer of the Year (across all genres)

Abernathy is now living his dream, performing his own songs and serving as the lead singer in an Eagles tribute band. He is also the lead singer in an Alabama tribute band.

In addition to his musical success, Abernathy is also an inspirational figure for aspiring musicians. He is a strong advocate for hard work, dedication, and never giving up on your dreams.

What’s Next for Robert Abernathy

Robert Abernathy is not slowing down anytime soon. He is set to release a holiday song featuring Miss University of Alabama, Marissa Luna, on November 10th complete with a music video. He is also working on an EP that is slated for release in January.

In addition to his new music, Abernathy is also looking to expand his reach by touring more frequently. He is also interested in getting involved in other aspects of the music industry, such as songwriting and producing.

With his talent, passion, and drive, there is no doubt that Robert Abernathy will continue to achieve great things in the music industry. He is an inspiration to aspiring musicians everywhere and a testament to the power of never giving up on your dreams.

Robert Abernathy’s journey from a small-town teacher to a respected country music artist is a truly inspiring story. It shows that with hard work, dedication, and a never-give-up attitude, anything is possible. Abernathy’s story is a valuable lesson for anyone who is pursuing their dreams, and it is sure to motivate and inspire many people.

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