Rapper Russ Cancels Europe Tour
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Rapper Russ Cancels Europe Tour

Music artist Russ has officially cancelled his European tour and announced to the world on Instagram just this morning. In a very vulnerable and heart-felt message, the rapper let fans know he’s having issues at home because something happened within the previous 24 hours. Due to personal reasons he is taking a step back to reprioritize and focus on his mental well being.

To Russ’s fans he says, “If you no longer support me after this, I get it. I’ve never had to do this and feel very defeated but I can’t crash and burn and give ya’ll shitty performances on the way out.”

It’s always commendable when an entertainer takes time to focus on health but also value fans enough to take time for themselves so they can be the best version when they do perform. We wish him the best.

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