Qveen Herby is at the Top of Her Game with Upcoming Single Release
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Qveen Herby is at the Top of Her Game with Upcoming Single Release

Talented singer and rapper Qveen Herby, formerly known as Karmin and real name Amy Noonan, announced her next release coming October 11th to all platforms called “5D”. While loved by fans as Karmin with Singles like “Acappella” and “Brokenhearted”, she is loved even more with her new persona and vibe.

The star has a love for rap and R&B, so stepping away from the sugary, teen-friendly bubblegum pop was necessary while rebranding as Qveen Herby. Collaborating with her husband, Nick Noonan, together they create witty, funky songs that are highly contagious. 

In a 2020 interview she talks about the rebrand and leaving Karmin behind:

There is no doubt Herby is unique with her lyrics, adventurous in her beats, and embodies a wickedly spontaneous personality. According to her, this is Amy’s alter ego. When you think about it, every artist needs one as they become someone else while on stage performing. All her latest work has big fire energy. 

On top of the music, Herby spreads positivity and good vibes all over her social media. In simple and small doses, she encourages people to take care of their spiritual well-being through virtual aura cleanses, tarot readings, and more:

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The song “New Qveen” is symbolic for her life and showing up as the true Qveen. Get ready for it!

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