Post Malone Takes a Horrific Fall Mid-Performance
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Post Malone Takes a Horrific Fall Mid-Performance

Tonight Post Malone hosted a concert in St. Louis. During the middle of his performance the musician fell into a hole that was in the stage. Video footage has been surfacing of the horrific incident.

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The incident occurred Saturday night and the artist was immediately rushed to the hospital. In the video we can see how much pain he was in. Thankfully, the musician is okay and only has a few broken ribs. From the video there appears to be a large hole in the middle of the stage. There may be a lawsuit involved as this terrible accident will affect Malone’s upcoming shows as he takes time to heal. 

In the video we can hear people screaming in terror, worried for the artist. He opened up to fans in a Twitter selfie video shortly his hospital visit after to say “Whenever we do the acoustic part of the show, the guitars on the guitar stand…it goes down, and there’s this big-a– hole, so I go around there and I turn the corner and bust my a–,” Malone said. “Winded me pretty good. Got me pretty good. We just got back from the hospital and everything’s good. Everything’s good. They gave me some pain meds and everything and we can keep kicking a– on the tour.”

It sounds like he is determined to have a champion attitude and continue the tour. We’ll keep you informed with updates.


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