Plunky & Oneness Take Jazz-Funk into Dance Club Environments with New Album
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Plunky & Oneness Take Jazz-Funk into Dance Club Environments with New Album

Embark on a music journey of a unique kind with James “Plunky” Branch, the Afro-centric jazz legend, as he alters the musical landscape with his transcendent genre blending styles. Known for instilling funk, R&B, house, and go-go into a fusion presenting messages of empowerment, cultural awareness and positivity, Plunky has built a unique reputation in the jazz sphere. This innovative saxophonist-vocalist continues to reinvent his sound with the upcoming release of his new EP, “I’ll Be There.”

This exciting new EP comprises four versions of Plunky’s adoring love song, “I’ll Be There,” each showcasing different genres – Deep House, Drill Jazz, Hip-Hop, and an exclusive Original Reggae mix. By diversifying into these genres, Plunky employs his progressive jazz-funk roots to take his listeners on an unprecedented musical journey.

DJ Axel Bampton & View of Paris, frontrunners in the French dance music scene, layer the Deep House Remix with pulsating beats and vibrant basslines, injecting the track with infectious energy. With the assistance of Web 3 Hip-Hop creator, Rasul The Knowbody, the Drill Jazz, and the Hip-Hop Remixes incorporate notable urban rhythms and dynamic percussive beats into the single’s foundational jazz harmonies. The original track, produced in collaboration with Fire and DJ Diallo, retains the robust and distinctive essence of Reggae, hence encapsulating Plunky’s vast musical repertoire.

Plunky couples this diverse single with eight additional original tracks into a digital album under the moniker Plunky & Oneness. Aptly dubbed “Love is Everywhere,” this highly anticipated album is set for a February 1, 2024, release – the perfect rhythm-rich present for Valentine’s Day.

According to Plunky, “Jazz is All That” he needs to communicate with the world musically. With his brand, Plunky, not only introduces diverse forms of jazz and funk, but he also uses his music as a compelling communicative tool, reaching out to his audience universally with harmonious resonance.

Famed music critics have recognized Plunky as a frontier in Afro-centric jazz by incorporating numerous genres and creating inspiring and distinctive sounds. Naturally, fans can expect the upcoming digital album, “Love is Everywhere,” to be no exception to this dynamic artistic pattern. Instead, they anticipate an intriguing progression of the Plunky & Oneness sound as the ensemble fuses their jazz-funk sensibilities with the adrenaline-infused dance club environment.

An upcoming EP and album that promise a never-before-experienced interpretation of jazz-funk, Plunky, once again, stakes his claim in the music industry innovatively and captivatingly. Excitement builds, anticipation rises, and the countdown begins for the launch of Plunky’s new EP and the subsequent album, “Love is Everywhere.”

“Jazz is All That,” and Plunky proves it in every bit of his music. As the music maestro continues to blend genres and evolve his sound, the messages of empowerment, positivity, and cultural awareness in his tunes only grow stronger. Herein lies the magic of Plunky & Oneness – a symphony of sounds that transcend boundaries and resonate universally.

Follow Plunky’s continued journey on his Instagram page (@plunkyone) to stay updated with his latest releases, concerts, and news about the upcoming digital album. To explore more about his music and previous albums, visit Plunky’s website at, which stands as a testament to his prodigious musical journey thus far. Indeed, as Plunky charts new territories with his forthcoming digital album, the anticipation is undeniable. Jazz-funk has never been quite this electrifying! Don’t miss out on the musical experience of the year with “Love is Everywhere.”

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