New Album Release for Alicia Keys with “Keys II”
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New Album Release for Alicia Keys with “Keys II”

Alicia Keys released a beautiful new album in her follow up to “Keys” with “Keys II”. Featuring songs such as “Skydive” and “Dead End” and artists such as Pusha T.

One of the songs that stands out on this album is “Paper Flowers” featuring Brandi Carlile. Their voices together full of heart and soul could light up any room. This song in particular has loving energy because their soulful voices are healing.

Another great song is “Like Water” which also has an adorable video graphic with her in headphones holding her baby while singing to him. The soothing sound of her voice and piano has the sound resembling a lullaby.

Overall this new album makes you feel good and could be played in a variety of settings. It couldn’t have been any better.  Check out the new album on all platforms.

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