Music Artist 40XL Wants to Make Believers Out of Non-Believers
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Music Artist 40XL Wants to Make Believers Out of Non-Believers

Music Artist, 40XL is set to release a new Album called “King DNA.” I asked 40XL when creating this album what was his inspiration and he said, “The inspiration was not just being around but also mentored by some of Raps Elite, from Kool G Rap to Big Pun and Nas, which are considered to be on the Mount Rushmore of lyricism…So coming from that lineage of artists is how I came up with “King DNA.”


Born in Brooklyn and raised in Jamaica Queens, he started his music career at age 16.  So of course, I had to ask him how it made him feel rapping for such icons at such a young age, he said, “I was excited to be working with the greats as well as those respected not only through the game but also the streets.  I knew I had a lot to improve, it put me under immense pressure to enhance my skills and penmanship to really prove I belonged.”


40XL had the struggle of poverty, the projects and street life.  But he has a message for those that are trying to pursue the music dream, “Wisdom came from daily life,” he said.  He continued to say how you need creativity and basically his music is the flow of his thoughts.  I asked him when he knew he was making it in the industry and he said, “When Kool G Rap asked me to join his click and make an album with him.

From the struggle to now rising.  His goals are to be on top with the rest of rap’s elite.  He wants to tell his fans to keep going until you make believers out of the non-believers.  You can listen to 40XL music on Spotify, Apple music, Tidal or any other major platforms.  I’m so excited to see his music career go and now he has another listener here.



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