Meet the Black female artist unique from all the rest: Monét Anaïs
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Meet the Black female artist unique from all the rest: Monét Anaïs

Talented music artist Monét Anaïs is turning up the heat with her latest Single “Light It Up”, making her mark in the house genre. The singer started her career in the popular world, with songs such as “Catfish” and “U Ugly Part II”, however, she felt she had not quite grasped her sound yet.

“My song ‘Unconditional Love’ was just the start of it, touching the cusp of what could be in the sound of Monét. Over the last few years of my music career, I’ve learned and grown so much,” she explained to an anonymous source. “I really don’t feel like the same person I was when I first started. “Light It Up” is a whole new version of this fiery goddess, the siren/mermaid. I want my fans to be inspired and feel good when listening to my music.”

The singer’s latest Single is definitely one you can dance to, turn up at the club, or even add to your next reel. This genre of music is the way of the future. Artists like Beyonce and Drake who for so long have trumped the R&B/Rap world are exploring into other genres such as house because it’s modern. This is it, what people want to hear.

Monét spends a lot of her time writing and dreaming up new ways outside of the box to push her career.

“This road has never been easy but I never expected it to be,” she told another source. “I dream of having music that anyone listening can enjoy and vibe to.”

She says most importantly she wants to share her most authentic self with fans in hopes that it inspires them to do the same. “It’s easy to get lost or caught up in this world. Sticking to who you are, as cliché as it sounds, is the best thing you can do for yourself, the people around you, and your life in general.”

Check out ‘Light It Up’ out now and any music from Monét Anaïs on all platforms.

Follow her on IG @iammonetanais 

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