Marissa Luna: A Multifaceted Melody of Music, Pageantry, and Passion
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Marissa Luna: A Multifaceted Melody of Music, Pageantry, and Passion

Meet Marissa Luna, a remarkable blend of musical talent, beauty queen, and impassioned advocate. Luna’s career in the entertainment industry has been a harmonious dance between music and pageantry, a dance prompted by passion and shaped by tenacity.

Marissa Luna’s love for singing and dancing emerged as early as first grade, growing over the years and resonating within the walls of the Red Mountain Theatre Company in Birmingham. She developed her triple threat skills – singing, dancing, and acting – and shone on stage in roles such as Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz,” Amber in “Hairspray,” and “Aladdin.”

At around 13, Luna chose to transition to online schooling to focus on her love for music. She began working with renowned vocal coach, Jan Smith, whose clients have included famous artists like Shania Twain, Usher, and Justin Bieber. This was a turning point for Luna, allowing her to fine-tune her musical prowess.

The world of country music was initially an unfamiliar territory to Luna despite her southern upbringing. However, she eventually wound her way to the genre, acknowledging its profound influence on her musical trajectory.

Simultaneously, Luna found a parallel passion in the world of pageantry. Driven by her musical talent, she entered her first pageant at roughly 13 or 14 years old and eventually won a talent competition at the National American Miss pageant. Soon after, she embraced the title of Miss Alabama’s National American Miss Junior Teen. Luna’s affinity for the Miss America organization played a substantial role in shaping her into the accomplished and confident woman she is today. She is currently the 2024 Miss University of Alabama.

In addition to her dual professions, Luna demonstrated her compassionate side by working with a non-profit organization, “More Than Meets the Eye.” This charity advocates for individuals with hidden disabilities – an issue close to Luna’s heart as she has confronted her own challenges with ADD and learning hurdles.

Luna’s music career continues to thrive as she builds her network, guided by the hands of destiny. She was asked to perform at the Alabama Music Hall of Fame on behalf of the legendary songwriter, Peanutt Montgomery, who wrote over 73 hits for George Jones. Marissa performed, ‘Whats Your Mamas Name” which Peanutt had written for Tanya Tucker’s first number one hit. Luna synergized with outstanding musical minds such as producer Ronnie Hall and songwriter James LeBlanc, collaborating on her upcoming EP that veers towards country-pop, and even recording at the historic Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

Believing in the immense importance of self-confidence for young women pursuing their dreams, Luna said, “I try to remind a lot of younger girls in pageantry that it’s not about perfection, but about who you are. It’s about the things that you’re passionate about and the legacy you’re trying to leave.”

Part of Luna’s legacy includes her newly launched holiday single with Robert Abernathy, “Christmas Eve Alone”, available for listening pleasure on all platforms. Details about her upcoming EP remain under wraps, but there’s a palpable excitement for this passion project, expected to be released in January 2024.

Embodying the essence of a true artist, Marissa Luna’s journey in the entertainment industry has not always been a straightforward one. With its struggles and triumphs, her path serves as a vivid, inspiring illustration of a dream pursued with whole-hearted determination and unwavering self-belief.

To follow Luna’s ongoing journey, visit her Instagram (@marissalunaofficial), Spotify, and Facebook page.

Add her new song “Christmas Eve Alone” with Robert Abernathy to your Holiday playlist! 

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