Marcus Ex Releases New Single
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Marcus Ex Releases New Single

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Marcus Ex has done it again, creating a masterpiece that will pull on the heart strings of his listeners. What is simply a musical experience for some, is definitely a more, deep rooted relation for others. ‘We Lost the Song’ was rewritten and performed by Marcus Ex and just gives a sample of what his album will feel like once it’s released. You can take a listen here at:


‘We Lost the Song’ is from Marcus Ex’s upcoming album, which he and Kyle West pro

duced. He plans to debut the album after this single gets 10 million streams. His seems to be on the right track as it can be heard on all music platforms and is averaging 50k streams per week. He knew his listeners were pleased and it was no surprise that his single hit 80K streams on SoundCloud in one day.


The self-taught piano player, naturopathic doctor, and Howard University graduate has had his record company for about 15 years now. Marcus Ex is versed in songwriting, singing, and rapping but his true passion lies in helping his people. One of the best ways to get people to listen is by sending messages through his music. This sultry, but aggressive, Neo Soul-themed single uses elements of a song to describe a relationship. A relationship with oneself and what lies within.


Marcus Ex, wants to give his listeners an inside look of the purpose of the album during his album release event. He stresses the importance of Black Entertainment, and cultural roots remaining at the forefront of his people. This new single speaks to his listeners and asks them, “Are We Letting Our Culture Fade?”  Currently, at over 70K streams on Spotify alone, there’s no question that ‘We Lost the Song’ will hit 10 million streams soon. Stay tuned!

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