The Sxgns are in the Air with Artist Tree Thomas
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The Sxgns are in the Air with Artist Tree Thomas

Tree Thomas has touched his fans far and wide with his newly released works, Sxgns, on Valentine’s Day 2022. This isn’t your ordinary album as it’s specifically tailored for every listener; including an introduction, interlude, and outro there’s an intricate breakdown of experiences with every sign in the zodiac.


Hailing from Oakland, CA, Bay Area, he grew up in the church; his father being the head of the choir while his sister sang as well. In high school, Tree took the inspiration from his family and began to record and experiment with beat making in his dad’s studio. After letting friends hear his music, they encouraged him to continue creating, even though they didn’t.

Tree attended Portland State University where he took his talent and work ethic and applied it to his music. His talent and love for sports got him a scholarship to play basketball overseas, then he headed to Europe in 2014. Averaging 30 points in a game, he continued to work on his music and met his now best friend Chris Birdd at a party. A short while later, after listening to Tree’s music, Chris recording him, mixed and mastered his music, and released his music over in Europe. There was such a positive response, he started performing in clubs but sadly, was sent home for breaking curfew after performing in a club.


After almost a year, he moved back home to the U.S. all was not lost. The doors opened for him when his music gained more recognition and his friend, who was a manager for various artists including rapper Lil Wayne, thought it was a good idea to add Tree to and upcoming tour. Tree ended up on the West Coast leg of the Kevin Gates tour as well as perform in shows with Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers in Oakland and Portland.

Tree Thomas will be releasing his new single titled Notice Me, November 2022, with visuals. This song has an upbeat tempo and it expresses how hard it is to see someone you love, move. He feels it’s one of the best songs that he’s made since starting that project and will continue to drop more songs with visuals for each.

His ultimate goal is to have his own record label. He wants to teach new artists the music business, groom them for appearances and interviews, and get them prepared for shows and tours. He also plans to own a cannabis farm and he has already begun the process. Tree currently has two farms and has had them for the past three years, which he travels to 8 to 9 months out of the year in Humboldt County. We should all see new developments from Tree Thomas soon!


IG: tree.oxg

Twitter: Treeoxg



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