“Legend” No Doubt Lives Up to the Name
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“Legend” No Doubt Lives Up to the Name

John Legend has a new album out called “Legend” and it is true to the name. An absolute delight, easy on the ears with the vibrations, his harmonious tone, and depth in the lyrics, this album is one hundred percent one for the books.

One of the favorite songs is “Dope” featuring artist JID. The sounds in this song are a mix between a delicious sushi meal at your favorite restaurant on a romantic evening out with your loved one. The background harmonies are incredible and high notes flow like butter.

“She’s so dope. Wanna be her dope fiend, she showed me what dope mean. She’s so dope. She can be my dope queen, we can make a dope scene, yeah”

The album is full of sensuality and embodying elements of romance throughout and features a sexier vibe but still clean in the words said. 

“You don’t need to dress it up, No, no Don’t need to put on airs to make me care.  You’ve got that golden touch oh…” from the song “Stardust”. 

The mood continues within different songs, pulling in elements that are clearly spoken from deep within his being and expressed through each song. The overall vibe embodies a mix of r&b and pop. Artists like Ledisi, Jada Kingdom, and Muni Long are also featured.

What is admirable about Legend is that his character is of wholesome nature but he can convey what his message without anything raunchy or distasteful. The audience is drawn in through the warmth of his vocals and stay for the unique stories behind the lyrics. 

“Pieces” is a beautiful piano piece with heartfelt lyrics. “‘Cause we know that broken hearts stay broke. They never really mend. But in pieces they can learn to love again”.

This album certainly lives up to the name and it warms our hearts. Thank you John Legend. Check out the new music on all platforms.

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