Lee England Jr., ‘The Soul Violinist’ Releases His New Single Titled, “Anything”
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Lee England Jr., ‘The Soul Violinist’ Releases His New Single Titled, “Anything”

Lee England Jr. describes himself as a peaceful, authentic, and multi-talented musician, artist, producer, singer, and songwriter. He began playing the violin as a child and never put it down. This was thanks to the encouragement and love of his first music teacher.

Lee  is signed to Jumpman as well. He got that opportunity after a captivating performance. An artist noticed his talent and invited him to record and tour. He has had the privilege of working with artists like Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, and Lauryn Hill, and has aspirations to collaborate with Jasmine Sullivan, Beyoncé, and others. In addition to his musical endeavors, Lee is involved in community work and has received recognition for his outstanding contributions.

He has recently revealed his singing talent and plans to release an EP called “Finally” followed by an album titled “A Guidebook For A Gentleman.” Currently, his new single, ‘Anything’ can be found on all music platforms. He aims to amplify his voice, create more content, and make a positive impact through his music, including building a musical trade school. Moreover, his advice to aspiring artists is to be true to themselves, pursue self-knowledge, and be honest in their journey.

How it all started…

In a TEDx talk, England says his father persuaded him to practice the violin by promising that he could quit if he just did 15 minutes a day. Flash forward to 2020 and the 36-year-old, was an elementary school music teacher before “dropping out” at age 25. He has become a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and activist and is known as the “The Soul Violinist.” He also blends R&B, hip-hop, and soul with classical training and compositions. He gained recognition on MTV and went on to tour with R&B singer K’Jon, including a 2010 performance at K’Jon’s All-Star Weekend for Michael Jordan, Spike Lee, Russell Simmons, Dwayne Wade, and Gabrielle Union

A five-minute solo he performed in the show has led to shoe endorsements, sponsorship from NBA player Michael Jordan, and a commission to compose music for and star in an NFL commercial for Super Bowl XLVI. Lee was signed by Quincy Jones Productions and calls home base Brooklyn, New York. He also formed and leads The Soul Orchestra and oversees Love Notes, a nonprofit program he launched that provides music instruction and instruments to school-age children.

His Inspirations…

Lee has bachelor’s degrees in violin performance, in music education, and in audio engineering from Southern Illinois University. He got hooked on music as a kid by one man at Greater Faith church, in Waukegan, Illinois, his hometown. The skills he herbed in church only sharpened his craft,.

There’s definitely a guy, Richard Giggs, an organist I was privileged to sit under. The musicians, that’s what made me want to go to church every Sunday. Although I didn’t become an organist, pianist, drummer, or guitarist, I learned musicianship. The way this guy played, he would do what I learned later is theme and variation. He’d do that for “Amazing Grace.” He’d play it with embellishments, with runs and licks and things that weren’t in the song originally. I remember mimicking him on the violin as soon as I got the opportunity. That sound and style shaped me and my playing for years to come. Giggs went on to tour with Aretha Franklin and he’s on my new project, so that’s a real treat for me.”

Lastly, back in his early days, when asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, “professional basketball player” was his eager response. “I said if that doesn’t work, I want to fall back on the violin and make the violin cool. I understood the violin wasn’t what my peers and other Black children were doing. It’s not something most people normally choose. I was going to make it cool one day. To not have many role models or influences allowed me to trailblaze without any constraints. There was nothing to live into, so there was never any pressure to be anything,” Lee added.


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