KidCaliMDMG to Release Third Visual for Newest EPs: FNYS 1 and FNTS 2
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KidCaliMDMG to Release Third Visual for Newest EPs: FNYS 1 and FNTS 2

Born in San Diego and coming from a family heavily influenced by music, KidCalimdmg had a natural lyrical gift. His uncle was active in the music scene, so he was always immersed in music. In 6th grade he started freestyling to himself and by 14 years old he was able to write a full song but didn’t record it. Years went by and his friends began to build his confidence and suggested he turn his freestyles into songs. He relocated to North Carolina and by 2013, KidCalimdmg released his first song, ‘I’m Gone,’ which he wrote and professionally recorded. At the time he also won 2013 Artist of the Year, rewarded by K97.5 radio in Raleigh, for his single ‘Ride or Die.’ His performances and music showed success in the studio. He didn’t stop there as he knew it was important to make a mark in the music world. 

He decided to brand himself, picked a style, decided the type of crowd he wanted to cater to, and got started. His musical inspirations include are Nipsey Hussle, Dom Kennedy, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar. These artists push KidCalimdmg to write music that listeners can sit back, reflect, and relate to. He strives to be a well-rounded musician that can make club songs but also love ballads, and relationship music. His drive to continue are solely his listeners. 

Kid Cali sometimes amazes himself with the feelings that are evoked when he is writing or performing. During his career thus far, he has collaborated with Shawn Brown, Kid Inks Camp of the Alumni Team, Mark Battles, an artist he opened up for on tour, and in J Cole’s camp, Dreamville’s, Ced Brown, producer for J. Cole, who he’s done two songs with and has two more on the way

KidCalimdmg dropped FNTS 1’, ‘FNTS 2’ and visuals for each of them in May and October of 2021. He plans to drop ‘The Visual 3’ by the end of 2022. He has a variety of tracks; some with a mixed vibe and different styles. Just like the first two visuals, he is working to record songs that get you ‘turnt up’ and other songs with a more mellow feel to them. His ultimate my goal as a musician is to remain humble because humility has gotten him extremely far. His focus isn’t on the money, but it is on the music. He wants to be able to pull fans on stage to sing and vibe with them and he wants to create music that fans can feel. He aspires to work with artists he grew up listening to and admires the artist hustle; all while enjoying the thrill of being an artist himself. 


Check out his current works on Apple Music: ‘FNTS 1’ ; ‘FNTS 2’


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