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Kelsea Ballerini has finally revealed her new music after months of teasing it. The singer revealed on social media on July 13 that her fifth studio album, “Subject To Change,” will be released. “Subject To Change” is the follow-up to her critically acclaimed 2020 album, “Kelsea.” The ’90s-inspired tracklist is meant to represent her maturation as an artist. It will also show how she has adapted to change throughout the years.

“Change used to frighten me when I was younger. It had proven to be a faceless power that had etched uncertainty into my past. Only through the gift of growth have I learned that living happens in the stark and continual juxtaposition of life “She elaborated in an Instagram video. “That a true metamorphosis can occur when I unclench my fists, undig my heels, and unravel the building erected by youth.”

The multi-platinum artist went on: “I’ve been searching somewhere between the vastness of the universe and the simplicity of the small things, reflecting through wiser perspectives, leaning with body weight into matters of the heart, and finding blissful acceptance in the inner cracks I once cursed that now allow light in to help me grow taller within myself. This is a season of transformation, healing, love, dance, and feeling. And, like with everything else, it is vulnerable to change.”

Ballerini released the eye-catching album art while breaking the news. The chart-topping performer is seen in a brilliant yellow gown against a vivid blue backdrop in the vinyl-worthy image. Following the album’s release, significant industry figures like as Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild, Carly Pearce, Lindsay Ell, and husband Morgan Evans came out of the woodwork to show their support. “Beautifully said! Can’t wait!” said Hollywood actress and close friend Reese Witherspoon. “Ooooooh here we go… ? ? ?,” shared Evans.

In an earlier TikTok Q&A, the singer said that she had returned to her deep country roots. In a typical Ballerini manner, she confirmed that the upcoming album would feature her unique pop flare.

“It’s interesting; I truly enjoyed treading that fine line between pop and country. I would never apologize for that because I believe that is what is authentic to me, what I listen to, and what inspires me “She spoke up. “I know some people get all worked up over it, and that’s fine. But, in my opinion, you should simply be true to your heart and your craft. That’s what I’ve always done. This time, it truly takes me back to the country,” she remarked, although acknowledging that there will be some “pop taste.”

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