Johnny Orlando’s Going on Tour with Ali Gatie
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Johnny Orlando’s Going on Tour with Ali Gatie

Nineteen year old Johnny Orlando announced that he will be going on tour with artist Ali Gatie coming up as a special guest for the “Who Hurt You” Tour. The two pop artists will be on tour starting this November through December 2023 in multiple cities across the United States.

Although he’s been putting out music since 2015 with singles such as “Vxiixi” and “Everything”, Orlando is becoming well-known on a larger scale. As a teenage heartthrob popstar, most of his audience is gen-z, so on this tour he will be reaching new audiences. His entire vibe and persona makes him seem like a mini version of Justin Bieber; young, hungry, and talented as the superstar was when Usher first discovered him. Orlando currently has 6 million followers on Instagram and his most popular song to date is “What If (It Told You I Like You) with over 143 million streams. 

The singer is originally from Canada and had a dream of making it big around the states and the world. He loves to sing and to make music. In an interview with Billboard he answered a question on what advice would he give his younger self. He said, “Work harder and stop stressing about everything. Also, practice the guitar more — you’ll thank yourself.” Tour with Ali Gatie is a huge step forward to Orlando blowing up around the world.

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