Grammy Nominated Producer Bizkit Releases New Songs with Jordin Sparks and Queen Naija

Grammy Nominated Producer Bizkit Releases New Songs with Jordin Sparks and Queen Naija

Not many people in this world are able to focus on the love and light that creative expression can bring to the entertainment business, but multi-talented musician Bizkit is one of the few. The culture of the industry has changed drastically over the years systematically and what messages are put in people’s heads. There’s a lot of negativity with the latest music and it’s a different game, which is why Bizkit’s focus in music is love.

Let’s go back to where it began for him in the fourth grade. Bizkit had always been musically inclined and was able to showcase this when he started playing the saxophone. In high school, he met his partner Butta and they have been working together ever since. Bizkit had the work ethic and connections to go far, and was consistently looking for ways to gain exposure for his sound as he began producing and making music. From there, he started playing with Gospel groups in Philly and started building his industry credits. At this time he was now producing and producing well.

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Bizkit has done a ton of work in the music business. It started with playing the sax for Beyonce on her song Deja Vu at a high school in near home in Philadelphia. John Legend signed Bizkit and his team to a publishing deal. For 8 years he toured with John Legend and saw the world twice. This is when his career began to really take off, when the song “Tonight” popped off, featured in Steve Harvey’s movie Think Like Man, Act Like A Lady six times. “Tonight” was nominated for a Grammy and they won the Soul Train Award for it. Bizkit also started producing songs for other artists like Ludacris, Leela James, Chrisette Michele, Miguel, Ne-Yo, and worked on projects like “Meant to Be” for TLC.

When it comes to producing, Bizkit doesn’t downplay his talents. He’s accomplished production in multiple genres including country like the song “I’ll Never” with Blanco Brown. He often announces what his next moves are on Instagram because really the whole industry is a competition. “Once you realize it’s a competition, you’ll be able to get through and understand why people are the way they are. They don’t want people who are really dope to blow up because they don’t want you to outshine them,” he says about working in the industry. He described his crew which includes Butta as understanding music in all facets because they started off in a jazz band and can play all instruments. “Whether it’s country, trap, Latin, soul, or reggae, it’s not just the genre, it’s all about instruments and knowing where to place them. 

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We wanted to know if he had some advice, “Only do it if you love it! Realize that this is a game,” he says.” He went on to describe the difference between people who show their weakness up front and get to where they want to go because of it. What he meant by this is, “if people see you and feel like you don’t need anything, they’ll think there’s know place for them” and you won’t get any help because they think you have it covered.

Another interesting point he brought up about the industry game is treading lightly in the way you move around people who are more known than you. “If there’s already a head honcho, let them be the head honcho. Don’t step on someone else’s toes because that’s when the war begins,” he explains. Relationships and knowing how to play the game is everything. 

What’s next? Bizkit has been striving to be an actor and will star in a feature film for the first time as an actor and as the lead. He also did the music for a movie called Lovers and Friends which is scheduled to release in 2024. This weekend he released his new Single “Sweet Tooth” and additional releases that he co-produced with Butta including “Candy Cane Lane” with Jordin Sparks and “Fading Away” with Queen Naija. He also produced a song on TeaMarrr’s latest album “You Should Prolly Sit Down For This”.

Bizkit gets his motivation from his baby niece who was born 9 months ago. His mission is to inspire the next generation of creatives to be great and spread love like music used to and get people to enjoy and dance to music again.

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Check out his latest Single “Sweet Tooth”:

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