Fire up your playlist with new song “Notice Me” by Tree Thomas
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Fire up your playlist with new song “Notice Me” by Tree Thomas

A Thanksgiving gift by Tree Thomas has been given with new single “Notice Me” out on Thursday and the much anticipated song is already heating up the charts.

In “Notice Me”, Tree talks about missing someone and longing for someone who no longer even looks his way. Lyrics such as:


“You don’t even notice me”

“Whatcha do to me, I need you now”


You may have recently spotted the singer out at different events lately like the Golden State Warriors vs Lakers game.

Tree is originally from Oakland, California, where he grew up around music because of his dad and sister who were singers. While the now artist creates music, basketball was the forefront of his life for many years. After school is when he began to dabble in music and act on the ideas that had really always been in the back of his mind. It became his passion and his goal is to be a dynamic R&B recording artist who relates to his audience through that passion and character.

The rising star’s latest single is available on all platforms.

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