Eric Church Hits Right in the Heart
Album Release

Eric Church Hits Right in the Heart

The heart and soul of Country music artist Eric Church has been revealed in his new EP “Heart & Soul”.

Church hooks us in the first song called “Through My Ray-Bans” seems to carry a few different meanings. In the first place, it’s about people coming together against the battles of the world. Through his sunglasses “ray-bans”, he sees the world a certain way, seeing people wanting to connect and take care of one another. The words “Everybody’s got their arms around everybody else’s shoulders”. The artist longing for love yearns to protect someone and sees the different couples around him.  He also says “Wish you could stay the way I see you.” the innocence of the woman he has his eyes on.

“Mad Man” is another great song about losing the woman he loves but still hanging on for hope, “like a mad man”.” Starin’ awful hard at a picture on a bar of a girl that he won’t get back. He’s talkin’ to himself knowin’ damn well his self doesn’t know what now.” And, “Just leave his glass half empty, he’s better off left alone”. We feel the pain of not having the one you love by your side. 

The album overall is very soulful, and truly embodies that country center of gold. “Lone Wolf” ends the album with folk instrumentation and even a background of passionate choral singers to top it off. Check out the album on any music platform.

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