Entertainment Executive Ty Swaggalee Scott Shapes the Future of the Industry with Projects Underway

Entertainment Executive Ty Swaggalee Scott Shapes the Future of the Industry with Projects Underway

In the realm of entertainment, one name reverberates with unique visions, innovative ideas, and strong partnerships. That name is Ty “Swaggalee” Scott. Ty Scott, is not only an entertainment executive, but a multi-talented entrepreneur, producer, and manager teeming with new projects, each as unique and intriguing as his moniker suggests.

With a portfolio as eclectic as his vision, Scott’s ventures span the fields of music, film, TV production, literature, and streaming services. Notably, he joined forces with Byron Booker and together with a dedicated team, they brought to life an ambitious project called LookHu, roughly dubbed the Netflix for the Black community. LookHu currently boasts 11,000 titles so far, procuring all the necessary licenses to carve a space for itself in the congested world of streaming.

LookHu has also signed off to produce and stream the upcoming fight between renowned sporting icons Shannon Briggs and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. Their collaboration materializes in an express news station, an adrenaline-fueled site produced right from the heart of Qatar. This venture represents another stand-out achievement on Scott’s rapidly growing resume. 

Scott’s appetite for remarkable collaborations does not stop there. The man with the Midas touch sealed a five-year deal with Eric Brown, promoting an exhilarating partnership with the NFL and the Tribal Nation, a testament to the impressively diverse set of relationships Scott has built in his career.

In the realm of management, Scott’s admirable talents are not restricted by industry bounds. He currently manages and consults several artists, actors, athletes, and businesses. 

When it comes down to working on potential blockbusters, Scott has exciting projects up his sleeve. He is collaborating with none other than Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal. The specifics remain under wraps, decorating Scott’s career with a tantalizing aura of suspense.

As part of his visionary endeavors, Scott has produced a dynamic TV show with singer and TV personality, Ray J. The show is transgender-based, reinforcing Scott’s commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and progressive content that shatters stereotypes and breaks down barriers.

Not limiting himself to visual content production, Scott is stepping into the audio world with a fresh new podcast. Given his vast industry knowledge and incredible network, it promises to be an insightful venture, adding another dimension to his flourishing media presence.

Sharpening his quill to join the hall of authors, the dedicated entrepreneur has written six books, all gearing up to meet the world. The first one is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2024, adding yet another layer of excitement for his fans who eagerly anticipate his fresh perspectives.

Providing some guidance to music artists globally, Scott advises, “Musicians need to practice their craft. Any serious artist should practice no less than 30 minutes a day, ideally an hour and a half if possible. If you’re playing multiple instruments, music theory is key—to learn and understand notes and melody, and have a firm grasp on reading music. Push yourself to the point where you can write the notes out – reaching this milestone will herald a level of expertise.”

Ty Scott is unequivocally leading the charge in the development of an inclusive, diverse, and intuitive entertainment industry. Inspiring thousands worldwide, he not only embodies fruitful partnerships and innovative creations but also cultivates a new-age media revolution that eagerly brushes away boundaries to include audiences of all backgrounds.

To keep updated with his dynamic ventures, visit his website www.tyswaggalee.com and follow him on Instagram @tyswaggalee.

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