Elevate Your Life with the Elevation Tour
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Elevate Your Life with the Elevation Tour

In the Christian contemporary music world, the band Elevation Worship has made their mark. The group came together in North Carolina, an idea that began with Pastor Steven Furtick. 

As the founding member, Pastor Furtick helps write music for the band. Since the start, the worship band has gone through a few different members. Currently Chris Brown, Wade Joye, Jane Williams, Jonsai Barrientes, Brad Hudson and Andrea Smith make up the band. Previous members Mack Brock and London Gatch both resigned in 2017 and went on to pursue solo careers as Christian musicians.

Most of the members grew up around rock music such as Guns n’ Roses and U2, and therefore their main inspiration when developing the art resembles this. They have won several Billboard Awards and have reached top charts for their category.

The upcoming “Elevation Nights” Tour will take place in a few locations throughout California, plus Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and Las Vegas. Dates are October 25 – November 3 where Pastor Furtick will also give sermons. Get your tickets here:


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