Dylan Berry: The Renaissance Man of the Entertainment Industry

Dylan Berry: The Renaissance Man of the Entertainment Industry

Dylan Berry has had quite an explosive and successful career by having many hands in the entertainment industry. From hosting to being an entertainment business leader in the music industry, his passions thrive in everything he does.

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In the beginning, Berry as a toddler lived on Mt. St. Helens which erupted blowing up everything his family owned leading them with hat in hand to Seattle. As a Drummer at 19 he got signed to Sony in a local band and soon after ended up landing in Hollywood sitting in on tour with Trulio Disgracius which included members of Fishbone, Funkadelic, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Needing a day job to pay bills his career temporarily morphed into Television working his way through the Art Department eventually to prop masters and art director for many TV shows including The X Show, Unsolved Mysteries, and many more. Music was always the goal so soon he got his break composing for a TV show called Killing Pablo on History Channel. This led to dozens more and soon he hatched SmashHaus, the first tech platform to employ music producers worldwide in film and TV. This led him to work on different shows and awards like The Oscars, American Idol, MTV Music Video Award. Additionally, he has published hundreds of thousands of songs for talent around the globe while composing dozens of theme songs for shows such as America’s Best Dance Crew, The Sing Off… and also composed themes for over 30+ TV Networks including Spectrum Sports, Starz, Encore, ESPN and more.

Photo by Miezeer Images // Mike Ricardo


While Berry has his hands in many things, he is known as a public advocate for the artists and a successful creative industry businessman, a disruptor building companies like SmashHaus which removed the need for middle-men in the music industry, and Badanamu, which became number one in the early childhood education field rising rapidly from nothing to a $2 billion dollar valuation.

Berry began his talk show, which was a way to promote SmashHaus it became even bigger than expected. He ended up interviewing celebrity artists to empower younger artists striving to reach their dreams. The show was then acquired by Soundcloud becoming Soundcloud Radio reaching their community of 197M which then organically led to on-camera and on-air formats, talks and public speaking engagements and now a thriving creative industry consultancy.

Photo by Miezeer Images // Mike Ricardo


Soon Berry landed a brand management deal with Industry Global, the brand managers behind Sharper Image, the Marley Estate, Atari…. Most recently he hosted the Legends of Boxing event in Las Vegas week featuring Evander Holyfield, Roy Jones Jr, Riddick Bowe and more as well as co-hosting the official Terrence Crawford undisputed championship after party with Nick Cannon. Berry is a super-connector and a good “matchmaker” for businesses which is what works so well for the consultant agency.

Berry’s work spans nearly every entertainment industry sector from talent to business consulting and more and he works with a myriad of top companies around the globe from Hollywood to the Nordics to Africa, India, and beyond. Whatever you’re trying to do in Hollywood, he has the relationships and resources to get it done.

What’s next for Berry? Berry’s focused on the next evolution including his public side as well as his consultancy The Entertainment Intelligence Agency (The E.I.A.) which is a super connected community of leaders in the Entertainment space united to create a vast network of influence to achieve anything in the biz. Currently, He is producing two TV shows, doing voice-over work, and recently narrated the #3 show on Netflix in 2022 called Spycraft, as well as Terrorism Close Calls. His new podcast series on DashRadio / SmashHaus channel is called “DYLAN BERRY: Deconstruction Hollywood” and airs every Friday at noon PST on dashradio.com/smash.

Check out his website: www.dylanberryofficial.com


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