Drake Ordered to Sit in Deposition for Xxxtentacion’s Murder Trail

Drake Ordered to Sit in Deposition for Xxxtentacion’s Murder Trail

Many people allege that Drake was responsible for the death of rapper Xxxtentacion, and in order to assess this allegation it is important to understand the conflict that existed between the two artists. In the months preceding Xxxtentacion’s passing, the two had an ongoing feud, sparked when Xxxtentacion accused Drake of plagiarizing his song “Look At Me”. 

On “KMT”, Drake had utilized a flow similar to that which was used on “Look At Me”, prompting Xxxtentacion to take his grievance public. He was fiercely critical of Drake, even going so far as to make derogatory remarks about Drake’s mother. Rather than retaliating, Drake employed his signature passive-aggressive tactics, making veiled jabs at Xxxtentacion in his music and music videos, similarly to his feud with Kanye West. 

The New York Post reports the defendants’ defense team have argued investigators did not investigate  XXXTentacion’s feud with Drake, which boiled over when the Sad! hitmaker wrote on social media in March 2018: ‘If anyone tries to kill me, it was @champagnepapi. I’m snitching right now’.

He would later retract that statement and claim his account had been hacked.

The situation had grown tenser. In “Sicko Mode”, Drake included a scene where a man who resembled Xxxtentacion was crushed by a meteor, as if warning him of his looming fate. A few months later, Xxxtentacion was dead.

Defense attorneys representing three men accused of murdering XxxTentacion have suggested that Drake might be linked to the 2018 killing, on the opening day of the trial.

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