DJ Khaled Teases Fans with Plans for New Album
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DJ Khaled Teases Fans with Plans for New Album

DJ and producer DJ Khaled has a new album coming out and teased his fans this morning with an Instagram video post of an album artwork. This is a cross between a photo and video of his face staring up to the sky with a tear drop falling down the right side of his face and only his mouth moves to speak. 

In the message Khaled says, “It breaks my heart they ain’t believe in us. God did! God did! You see this tear? this tear represents joy, joy from all the blessings that God gave me. You think these mother f*ckers believe in us? You played yourself. They ain’t believe in us. God did! This Friday, another one.” The recording sounds like we are listening to a preacher in church. “Another one” is a defining term Khaled adds to every song for fans to recognize when they listen.

The song is named “God Did” and we know we’re in for a treat. Khaled, full name Khaled Mohammed Khaled, has won multiple awards throughout his career including Best Melodic Rap Performance award at the 2020 Grammy’s. He collaborates with artists like Justin Beiber, Drake, and never fails to put out bangers. “God Did” will be out on all platforms on Friday, August 26th.

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