Diverse Beginnings, Harmonious Creations: The Journey of Producers Payso and Frequency Pusher

Diverse Beginnings, Harmonious Creations: The Journey of Producers Payso and Frequency Pusher

Meet the ultimate producing duo, Payso and Frequency Pusher. Both producers come from very different backgrounds but joined together a few years back and started creating.

Payso comes from parents who were originally born and raised in Mexico. They migrated to California so he grew up in Huntington Beach. He had a passion for music. He would hear mainstream electronic music. This led him to start checking out other dj-’s and even pop music, and soon he started making electronic music, hip-hop, among other genres. Skrillex became one of his biggest inspirations because of his style. With dreams of pursuing music, he eventually moved to Los Angeles 8 years ago. His parents truly gave him the motivation, courage, and personality to turn this dream into a reality. 

For Frequency, he’s no stranger to the streets. Born and raised in Philadelphia and eventually moving to New Jersey, music found him at a young age when he was watching Drumline featuring Nick Cannon. He noticed the unique way they were playing their music – the different sounds, and patterns. He was incredibly inspired and started making music then, specifically R&B. Another huge influence in his musical journey is Jay-Z. He’s a big fan because he’s also from the East Coast where natural-born hustlers are made. 

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This “duo” met at a music house in Burbank, where various musical talent came through to create and network. Frequency was working with Jordin Sparks at this time. She had given him vocals that he was to make into a dance record. He took it to his partners and one person ended up being Payso. The song, “This Feeling Remix”, became a hit and their collaborations continued from there. 

They went on to make hit songs like their favorite track “Florida Water” which took over the charts. They’ve also worked with other artists such as Danny Towers and Ski Mask The Slump God. While they’ve been incredibly successful together, Payso and Frequency still have their separate artistry. Frequency is working on an EP and has artists, Romeo, Jordin Sparks French Montana, and D-Smoke all featured on the project. The EP is also called “Annalea” dedicated to his grandmother. Because of Payso’s heritage, he works with a lot of Latin artists and you’ll see this in his new upcoming EP called “Los Hollywood”.




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