Cliff Beach Dazzles with Resplendent Jazz Standards in “You Showed Me The Way”
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Cliff Beach Dazzles with Resplendent Jazz Standards in “You Showed Me The Way”

The world of music is once again graced by the impressive talent of Cliff Beach, a notable name in the music industry renowned for his jazz and soul-infused tunes. The Washington, D.C., native is unveiling his latest album, “You Showed Me The Way”, proving his immense creativity and the diversity of his musical influences.

Beach, accomplished recording artist, venerable pianist, and seasoned singer exhibits the range of his talent to a remarkable degree in his freshly-released album. The son of a predominantly religious family, the popularity of Beach has its roots embedded in the religious backdrop of his early life where he learned to harmonize his vocals while singing in church choirs.

Beach honed his raw talent as he grew, and his love for both music and business saw him attend Berklee College of Music and later, Pepperdine University for an MBA. Armed with an advanced degree, he embarked on his professional journey in 2003, gradually earning a name for himself in Los Angeles.

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His diligence is underlined by his ability to consistently release new albums yearly for the past decade. His debut album, “Who the Funk is Cliff Beach?” made waves in the music industry, earning nominations for several L.A. Music Awards including Record of the Year. His unique blend of jazz, soul, and neo-soul has garnered wide acclaim, with over one million Spotify streams attesting to this.

“Cliff Beach is a pioneer, his melodies are powerful and he has an uncanny knack for the keyboard. His writing prowess is superb. What sets him apart is his soul-stirring funky music style,” Alpha Magazine aptly commented.

Now, Beach broadens his horizons, his music echoing on radios and TVs as he ventures into licensing, publishing, and record label ventures. His popular podcast, Deeper Grooves, has aired on 88.5fm, further proving his versatility.

“YOU SHOWED ME THE WAY” signifies Beach’s experimental entry into jazz standards. Revering the late Ella Fitzgerald, Beach selected her songs as an inspiration for his album. His awe for her talent is evident as he expressed, “I’ve been deeply impacted by her not just as an ingenious improviser, but she also dived into diverse types of music throughout her career.”

Leading a stellar ensemble of instrumentalists, Beach steps away from the piano, giving the stage to his prime arranger, Moon Kishi. In this album, Beach twists jazz classics like “That Old Black Magic,” “Round Midnight,” “Love You Madly,” and more into his signature style.

Beach roots his approach in his philosophy of music as he quips, “It doesn’t matter whether you play jazz, soul, gospel, country, or pop, because all the different musical styles are really branches of the same tree that has its roots deeply embedded in American soil. When I’m composing or singing, I don’t think about a particular style, I just think about what I’m trying to say and try to make it different and engaging.”

Sit back, listen and appreciate as Beach brilliantly manoeuvres different decades of music history through his melodious voice in “YOU SHOWED ME THE WAY”. Even though these tunes have been rendered by countless artists over the years, you’ll find Beach’s contemporary treatment of them both refreshing and delightful.

For those looking to remain updated on Cliff Beach’s musical journey, you can connect with the artist directly through Instagram at @cliffbeachmusic. Stay tuned to his page for regular updates on forthcoming projects and engaging content!

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