Claudia Jordan’s CCR Productions Puts on Concert Featuring Ginuwine in Shreveport, Louisiana

Claudia Jordan’s CCR Productions Puts on Concert Featuring Ginuwine in Shreveport, Louisiana

Claudia Jordan, a versatile actress, model, and entrepreneur, is making waves in the entertainment industry with her newly established production company, CCR Productions. This milestone represents a significant leap in Jordan’s career, enabling her to bring her creative vision to life and produce captivating content for a diverse audience.

CCR Productions is on the brink of a breakthrough with an upcoming show featuring the renowned R&B artist Ginuwine. The show is on Saturday October 28th in Shreveport, Louisiana. This collaboration promises to deliver an unforgettable experience, merging Jordan’s production expertise with Ginuwine’s mesmerizing stage presence. Jordan went on Shreveport Channel 6 news to discuss the event further. Get tickets here.

Jordan’s unwavering passion for the entertainment world shines through her extensive industry experience. She has graced the stage as an actress, hosted multiple television shows, and even ventured into the competitive landscape of “Celebrity Apprentice.” Her diverse skill set and determination have paved the way for her successful journey as a producer. Through CCR Productions, Jordan aspires to craft content that deeply resonates with audiences.

The forthcoming show featuring Ginuwine stands as a testament to Jordan’s ability to attract top-tier talent. Ginuwine, renowned for his soulful vocals and captivating performances, is bound to captivate a broad audience. This collaboration exemplifies Jordan’s knack for curating distinctive and engaging experiences.

As CCR Productions gains momentum, Jordan remains steadfast in her mission to create meaningful and impactful content. She eagerly anticipates sharing her creativity with the world and contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment. With her passion, determination, and industry acumen, Claudia Jordan is on the cusp of etching CCR Productions into the annals of household names in the entertainment world.

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