Chuy Montana, Corridos, Singer of Street Mob Records, Kidnap and killed in Mexico
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Chuy Montana, Corridos, Singer of Street Mob Records, Kidnap and killed in Mexico

The tragic death of Chuy Montana, a rising star whose promising career was cut short in an unfortunate incident on Wednesday, February 7th, dealt a devastating blow to Mexico’s thriving corridos scene.

According to Fernando Sánchez, Mexico’s Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection, who spoke to the San Diego Tribune., authorities suspect foul play and believe Chuy Montana was kidnapped before his tragic death.

Jesús Cárdenas, better known as Chuy Montana, born in Tijuana, was linked to the illustrious Street Mob Records, run by JOP—the lead singer of Fuerza Regida.

In reaction to the tragic news, Street Mob Records issued an Instagram statement, expressing deep sadness over the passing of Chuy Montana, a beloved brother and colleague. The label stood in solidarity with his grieving family, urging media outlets to approach the situation with sensitivity and respect.

In recent years, Chuy Montana’s substantial contributions to the belikeada and corridos tumbados movements have greatly influenced regional Mexican music. Chuy Montana’s remarkable 816,000 monthly Spotify listenership reflects the attention his talent instantly garnered after JOP discovered him at the Tijuana-San Ysidro border crossing.

A deadly confrontation erupted after Chuy Montana tried to escape from his captors, leading to a hail of gunshots. Law enforcement officers discovered shell casings at the scene, underscoring the violent nature of the incident, with Chuy Montana sustaining fatal gunshot wounds to his head and arms.

Despite the tragic circumstances of his death, Chuy Montana’s musical legacy endures, with his 2023 single “Porte de Scarface” enjoying widespread success and amassing over 22 million plays on Spotify. His reputation in the industry was further cemented by collaborations like “Polvos de Chanel” with Fuerza Regida.

However, Chuy Montana’s untimely demise has cast a spotlight on the safety concerns artists face within genres associated with contentious themes.

In October 2023, Fuerza Regida received ominous death threats via narco banners displayed in Tijuana, prompting heightened security measures and concert cancellations. Tijuana authorities have taken proactive steps to address the glorification of violence in music, implementing bans on narcocorridos in public performances, a measure reaffirmed by Mayor Montserrat Caballero in response to recent events.

Chuy Montana’s tragic passing adds to a troubling pattern of violence targeting artists within the corridos and narcocorridos genres. This trend dates back to the murder of Chalino Sánchez in 1992. Other luminaries who have fallen victim to such violence include Valentín Elizalde, Ariel Camacho, Zayda Peña, Sergio Gómez, Javier Reyes, “El Príncipe del Corrido,” and numerous others.

As the music community mourns the loss of Chuy Montana, his legacy serves as a poignant reminder of the dangers artists face in pursuit of their craft, highlighting the need for greater vigilance and support within the industry.

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