Chlöe and Chris Brown Release a Sexy Collab
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Chlöe and Chris Brown Release a Sexy Collab

Chlöe and Chris Brown recently joined forces and dropped their new track, ‘How Does It Feel’, a modern interpretation of classic R&B. Fans responded positively, with the video gaining nearly 350,000 views in less than 12 hours.
Directed by Arrad, the video features Chloe and Chris enjoying each other’s company in a penthouse, as they belt out the romantic ballad. Breezy is unafraid to reiterate that one mistake is enough and there won’t be any room for forgiveness in the relationship. He complements the tune with a few ad-libs to hammer home his point.

Adding to the vintage feel, the record is set to Dionne Warwick’s 1973 track, “You’re Gonna Need Me”. Sampling this track, along with Chris Brown’s ad-libs, may explain why fans are singing a different tune now.
I couldn’t help but notice that Chlöe Bailey now goes by Chlöe. It’s a big deal to have the world know you by one name. She specified it with her accent mark using the german ö for Chlöe.

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