Chizuko: A Rising Star Crafting Authentic Melodies in Pursuit of Self-Expression
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Chizuko: A Rising Star Crafting Authentic Melodies in Pursuit of Self-Expression

In the realm of music, individualities are vivified and the greatest artists certainly command their identity. One such promising talent is Chizuko, an Afro-Asian artist poised for new heights, whose journey commenced in an unlikely place: the dance floor and cheer squads. For Chizuko, the piano keys struck a harmonic chord in her youthful days, considering it a testament to her Asian traditions. However, it was an affinity for The Cheetah Girls and Hannah Montana that unlocked a new pursuit — singing.

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Supported by her mother’s faith, Chizuko melded her voice to the church rhythms, ascending to the worship team and refining her vocal prowess. This quest for intimacy with sound brought her to the Oakland School for the Arts, gaining an artistic education alongside the current industry giants, Kehlani and Zendaya. Amidst the school halls, a dream was crystallized: that of becoming an artist and a visionary songwriter.

Inspired by Jhene Aiko, Kendrick Lamar, and Brandy, Chizuko’s sonic universe expanded, gaining diverse textures and tunes. Afro-Asian artist Janae’s thriving career catalyzed her self-representation, Kendrick’s unique aesthetics incited her to challenge conventional boundaries, and Brandy’s vocal maestria sculpted her own singing style. Yet, beyond these multitude of influences, her mother’s presence was the unwavering beacon.

Chizuko’s creative process is characterized by engaging flexibility and is noticeable in her new song “No One Else”.

What begins as a serendipitous melody gracefully transforms into meaningful lyrics. Sometimes, drafts from other songwriters become a canvas for her unique musical visions. Her mood and energy dominate this process, resulting in compositions authentically branded with her artistic imprints.

As Chizuko sets sail towards a promising future, her ambitions include collaborations with established artistes whose artistic visions complement her own. From dreamy duets with Jhene to exploring musical ventures with Lil Baby and Brandy, she anticipates partnerships that would transcend her artistic boundaries and elevate her music to new dimensions.

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Currently, she is crafting an upcoming EP skimming through the complexities of self-exploration and relationships. The selected songs revolve around diverse themes of inauthentic love relationships and individual empowerment. Her single ‘Counterfeit Love’ maneuvers the labyrinthine corridors of feigned love, casting a shadow over its emotional consequences. Another empowering anthem, ‘Baddie,’ featuring rapper Brooklyn Frost, extols female independence and self-confidence. 

Maintaining a robust daily routine to counterbalance her creative pursuits, Chizuko ardently follows her rituals of prayer, meditation, and scripture reading. With gospel music as her constant companion, she lends a part of her day to worship sessions. Family conversations remain an invigorating source of joy and support, serving as daily essentials on her schedule.

Chizuko encourages emerging artists to weather the industry’s storms with patience, perseverance, and self-belief. In her words, “Failure is not in trying, but in not trying at all.”

With pride in her heritage weaved into her brand, Chizuko’s logo featuring her name in Japanese manifests her firm bond with her roots. Altruistically, she aspires to inspire and foster representation for those whose identities remain underrepresented in the realm of music.

As Chizuko’s journey unfurls, audiences anticipate her fresh compositions. With her EP on the brink of release, she courageously strides towards creating resonant music while leaving indelible imprints as a distinguished artist on music’s broad canvas.

Here’s how Chizuko describes her creative process: “When it comes to creating music, there’s a lot of different ways that it will happen for me. Sometimes it is me writing; I’ll come up with a melody first, and then figure out the lyrics that come with it or see what flows naturally to me. But sometimes I also have songs written for me, and then I can add my own interpretation. It really depends on what I’m doing that day and what headspace I’m in.”

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