Business Executive Diesel Money Building an Entertainment Empire
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Business Executive Diesel Money Building an Entertainment Empire

South side of Chicago native who played football since he was five years old, attended Jacksonville State from 2000 to 2005 to study business management. Being so close to Atlanta landed him there every weekend. There is where he started to develop his clientele base by booking talent. He was able to demonstrate his skills during his first an opportunity on the Chicken and Beer Tour, which was the most successful tour of rapper Ludacris. Diesel Money worked as a tour and road manager, booked after parties, and coordinated tours for multiple artists. He went on to work with Choppa from Making the Band and it only went up from there. Taking the knowledge from experiences and the money that he made from his bookings, he decided that he wanted to continue on independently.

Diesel Money takes great pride in his many accomplishments. KDM Management has been in existence for over 20 years in KDM Music Group, his record label, has been around about five years. Being able to work with rappers Lil Wayne and Juvenile, and pretty much every artist in the South that came through Atlantic and Universal Records was truly rewarding. He continuously worked to build his roster with only the best. He worked as a tour manager for Twista with Atlantic Records and he just finished a 20-city arena tour, Legend of the Street Tour featuring Lil Kim, Trina, Gucci, Jeezy, and Rick Ross. He’s also currently managing super producer Kayo, who’s worked with rapper T.I and we’ll be releasing him as an artist when his album drops later this year. He’s also worked with rapper Jim Jones and booked the talent for VEWTOPIA Music Festival in 2020. Marketing, booking, and promotions aren’t the only dynamic skills Diesel Money has by a long shot.

He has a TV and film space and is currently working on 7 to 8 film projects with major writers. He secured an 8-figure film fund deal and distribution outlets are currently being negotiated. Working behind the scenes and creating there is his niche and he’s able to provide funding and assistance to artists taking their career to the next level. He books talent for AEG and Live Nation at the Staples Center and he sees his companies soaring to new heights. He strives to work with heads of the labels of Atlantic Records, Def Jam Records, and Warner Brothers. Diesel Money is preparing something bigger than ever.

He now has the first company to do a city arena tour in the metaverse, where he will be streaming content and releasing NFT’s tied to the concert as well. This venture is one that will surely take on a different look on entertainment as we know it today. With his ongoing day to day bookings, he wants to continue to work with artists on the highest statures that’s ready to work to build their legacies. He will use his drive, know how, and tenacity to provide the best opportunities for artists worldwide.

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