Beyoncé’s at it again, what’s next?
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Beyoncé’s at it again, what’s next?

We’ve only seen part 1 of 3 of Beyoncé’s Renaissance album series. Yesterday the Diva teased us with new reel of a series of pictures where she wears a sexy black sheer long sleeve leotard with matching leggings and thin sandals. She holds a creative Texas license plate knock off in front of her thighs that reads “cunty” with a red line slashed across the word.

Houston, Texas is the singer-songwriter’s hometown, and the license plate insinuates the word was “county” but pronounced in the slang she pronounces the word which sounds like “cunty” with soul in her voice. The carousel of pictures almost give off a “Most Wanted” vibe and the song from her latest album called “Pure/Honey” is featured.

Only part 1 of the Superstar’s album series has been released. We can’t wait to see what the Diva will surprise us with next.

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