Ashley Paul: Revolutionizing the Dance Floor with ‘Bingo Baby’ and Anticipated Hit ‘Blindfolded’
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Ashley Paul: Revolutionizing the Dance Floor with ‘Bingo Baby’ and Anticipated Hit ‘Blindfolded’

In the dynamic landscape of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), where the vibrancy of beats and rhythms speaks volumes, one artist, Ashley Paul, emerges as a beacon of innovation and charisma. With a career that has spawned several top ten dance music hits in just three years, including ‘Feel Your Fire’, ‘Come and Get Me’, ‘Love Light Me Up’, and a captivating remix of her 1988 billboard hit ‘When Boys Cry’, Ashley has proven herself to be an unstoppable force in the global music scene. Her latest offering, “Bingo Baby”, in collaboration with Luv Foundation UK, is not just a song; it’s an experience that encapsulates the essence of NuDisco with a modern twist.

“Bingo Baby” first graced the dance floors in October 2023, marking yet another milestone in Ashley’s illustrious career. The track, co-written by Richie Neville of FIVE fame—a band known for selling over 5 million records—showcases a blend of Ashley’s mesmerizing vocals with an anthemic nod to the 90s underpinned by a seriously uplifting riff wrapped around her seductive voice, culminating in a massive pumping house sensation.

The remix by Luv Foundation (UK) catapulted “Bingo Baby” into an international sensation, earning it #1 on France’s NRJ Buzz Chart, #2 on iTunes Ireland chart alongside achieving #1 Worldwide Amazon Movers and Shakers status and securing the #4 spot on Music Week Commercial Pop and upfront dance charts. Such acclaim is not just testament to Ashley’s talent but also to her dedication to pushing musical boundaries. The track even electrified Sydney Mardi Gras when Mark Alsop MA15+ dropped it to a jubilant response from the crowd.

Following this triumph, “Bingo Baby” is set for a re-release as Ashley Paul vs Luv Foundation (UK), accompanied by a brand new edit plus a deep techy chopped-up vox remix by Jochen Simms which reintroduces the main riff of the LFUK Remix. This reimagining promises to breathe new life into an already beloved anthem.

Parallelly brewing in Ashley’s creative cauldron is her next single “Blindfolded”, featuring Luv Foundation (UK) and co-written by BMI Award Winning Songwriter Gerina DiMarco. This track is eagerly awaited not only for its innovative sound but also because it heralds another collaboration between Ashley Paul and Luv Foundation UK—a duo that has proven their ability to create chart-topping hits.

Both “Bingo Baby” and “Blindfolded” are slated for release on Dauman Music this SPRING!, signaling an exciting chapter for fans and followers of EDM. A music video for “Blindfolded” is already underway, promising visuals as compelling as the track itself. In anticipation of these releases, OnOff magazine captured the essence of Ashley Paul’s impact on EDM with their remark: “In the whirlwind world of Electronic Dance Music, where every beat counts, Ashley Paul stands out like A neon sign on a dark night.”

Ashley’s journey through music has been characterized not just by her undeniable talent but also by her relentless pursuit of innovation within her genre. By seamlessly blending elements of NuDisco/EDM with contemporary twists—and doing so with enviable finesse—she resurrects the glamour reminiscent of Studio 54 days while firmly anchoring her sound in today’s musical landscape.

For those eager to dive deeper into Ashley Paul’s world or stay updated on “Blindfolded”‘s release details and accompanying music video news can follow her journey through her official website or via Instagram @official_ashley_paul.

As spring approaches heralding new beginnings across nature’s canvas, so too does it signal fresh auditory adventures from Ashley Paul—an artist whose name continues to resonate across global dance floors thanks to her unparalleled creativity and infectious energy. With “Bingo Baby” setting stages ablaze worldwide and “Blindfolded” poised to captivate audiences further, there remains no doubt: Ashley Paul is rewriting EDM history one beat at a time.

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