Artist Helen Caddes new single ´SUSTENANCE AND SLEEP’
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Artist Helen Caddes new single ´SUSTENANCE AND SLEEP’

Helen Caddes debut album ‘STATE OF NATURE’, releases the single Sustenance and sleep. This is a song about social justice and the realities of life for millions of people in the United States and abroad. Inspired on her own mother, who was a writer, director and actress for theatrical productions. She taught Drama, English and ESL in the Inland Empire for many years.

As Helen’s creative mentor and heroine, she honored her memory by placing her picture on the cover of her debut album. Her mother also struggled with issues related to mental illness and the stigma that comes with them, she was even homeless at one point in time. Despite every challenge she faced, she persevered and I believe she ultimately triumphed.

“My hope is that my music will encourage and inspire a new generation of activists and thinkers, and that my mother’s story and writings will one day be treasured by others the way I have come to honor them”.

There is so much hope and grace and wonder in this world and Jelen Caddes’s words and music exist because one woman with a fiery spirit raised a daughter with joy and love, nurturing an independent spirit to believe in herself and her vision. There are many girls who aspire to write their own songs we should encourage similarly now.

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