All We Want is “Beer with My Friends” and Kenny Chesney
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All We Want is “Beer with My Friends” and Kenny Chesney

Country star Kenny Chesney partnered up with the band Old Dominion on a new song called “Beer with My Friends” and shared his excitement on the music video release this morning, October 6th. 

Already at 5.5k views, fans are obsessing over this collaboration.

The idea behind this song and video are obvious, how a heartfelt bond between friends can be shared over beer and laughs. Chesney said the music video “represents how awesome getting back out to play live has been… the music, the moments, every member of @noshoesnation. And the new music video captures that heart and spirit.” 

Most of the video shares footage captured during live on-stage performances and behind the scenes backstage etc. Moments of fans enjoying their time at the concert are also featured, even dancing with Chesney and Old Dominion bandmates having the time of their lives. Funny clips too of the singer chilling in an ice bucket while performing to the camera are priceless. Other edits of the musicians playing guitar and saying cheers with their beers in hand share good vibes.

Overall the recap is the reason for the season, hanging with your friends and enjoying life. This is the perfect song and vibe as the weather cools down and we welcome the Fall season.

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