Ali Gatie Latest Song with Kehlani and Upcoming Tour
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Ali Gatie Latest Song with Kehlani and Upcoming Tour

Iraqi-Canadian singer Ali Gatie has released dates for his upcoming tour with special guest Johnny Orlando. The artist has currently been playing shows around the world but the official United States tour begins in November. 

Gatie’s latest single release for “The Look” is actually two songs of the same; one acoustic and the second an r&b version which features Kehlani has been his best hit yet. Collaborating with the r&b superstar only elevates his success. 

According to Wikipedia in 2017, he won an online RhymeStars competition hosted by Joe Budden. After releasing a string of singles in 2018, he was signed by Warner Records. The song “Moonlight” would turn out to be his first commercial success, garnering nearly 14 million views on YouTube.

What makes the singer unique goes beyond what the eye sees. He utilities his heritage and musical skill to embody a sensual vibe that the audience responds to. Songs like “Sunshine” from Gatie’s 2019 album “You” takes old melodies and adds a spin on it. This led to his songs hitting top charts and making it on the Billboard Top 100 List. 

The upcoming tour starts November 5th and will go through December 2023, hitting multiple cities across the States. Check out details here and get your tickets:

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