Album “CHARLIE” is an Innovative Change in Music
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Album “CHARLIE” is an Innovative Change in Music

Singer-songwriter and producer Charlie Puth consistently puts snippets of his musical projects on social media. As I’m sure most of you have seen, the artist is a genius in the popular genre of his time. Creative videos such as the following always give a taste of an exciting new song to come:

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A series of songs the singer has been working on throughout the pandemic has turned into his next album which was released Friday October 7th. Puth has showcased in short reels or TikToks like the above video to share and fans go crazy over his unique ear that mashes almost anything (ice sloshing, a burp, etc.) into a masterpiece. Truly it is an innovative artistic process that is slowly becoming more and more popular, but requires a true talented ear to create. These mini-masterpieces created the album “Charlie”. 

The talent Puth carries runs deep and is recognized in this album. Lyrics are not light, he even expresses emotions such as not feeling good enough or losing relationships. Song “Loser” has the following lyrics about losing a romantic love: 


Oh, I’m such a loser

How’d I ever lose her?

Oh, baby, I must’ve been out of my mind

Now, I-I’m a loser

Why’d I have to lose her?

I’ll never recover, I’ll never be fine


In a recent interview with On the Record, Puth discusses that during the pandemic because he was alone with his thoughts, he put those thoughts into lyrics and music around the lyrics. He expresses that this process is different from how he usually goes about writing, however, a beautiful new album came from this new creative process. Throughout the album are an assortment of beautiful harmonies and background vocals, catchy beats, and carefully written lyrics.

“Light Switch” is a recognizable tune from Puth’s social media as well. Maybe you recognize the chorus:


You turn me on like a light switch

When you’re movin’ your body around and around

Now, I don’t wanna fight this (no)

You know how to just make me want


The talented musician knows how to grab his audience with intriguing and diversified sounds to put together a sound, and keep the attention of viewers on social media while messing around with different sounds and tones. 

Check out the new album on all platforms.


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